Concept L30

Modern and luxury racer

MODERN BOAT — A light, modern boat with racing character.

Upwind sails are made of the TapeDriveCarbon material. Rectangular Main with full battens (29.8 m2) and two reefing points, a Jib with diagonal battens on furler sunk in the deck (22.8 m2). A Gennaker of 83 m2 (material – Contender, 35 g/m2).

The runners and checkstays allow for the mast bend regulation when racing.

The Harken deck hardware and equipment. The deck hardware layout and running rigging routing (Dyneema®) is as simple as possible. However, the boat has a wide range of adjustments.

ONE DESIGNE — All boats have the same weight, Equipment and rigging

Every L30 yacht is built to L30 One Design Class Rules that are issued and ammended by the L30 Class Association. The L30 ODCR specifies all the dimensions, build materials, weights of all the boat parts like hull, keel, rudders, rig and sails and includes a list of all the class compliant deck hardware including running rigging. Every L-30 yacht is checked by L-30 Class Measurer and is delivered with the L30 OD Class Compliance Certificate. Like in all the Olympic sailboat classes this strict OD rule makes sure, that the team budgets are under control and most importantly that the best sailors win the races.

FAMILY SAILING — The boat is easy to handle by two person

The rig is designed to allow safe sailing without the use of running backstays, that are easy to detach from the aft purchase and be secured close to the mast. The Jib has an underdeck furling system and the full batten main sail is fitted with cars to the mast track and is easy to hoist or reef from the cockpit. When in cruising mode the boat can be sailed by two crew members.
The open space interior is equipped with a compact but complete galley, foldable table, XL head with shower and wet locker and can sleep 3-4. The cockpit is equipped with a shower and a comfortable bathing ladder on the stern.

EASY LOGISTICS — The boat not Need a crane for Lifting and splashing. Transportated on a Trailer by ordinary car.

The boat is developed with easy logistics concept in mind.
Some facts: the keel and rudders are lifting, the beam is 2.54m, the mast has a pivoting mast step, the boat displacement is very light for her size, a custom aluminium trailer with optional hydraulic drive is available.
The result: the boat on the trailer can be transported on all the european roads without any special permits or even escort by a medium class car or SUV, the crew can splash/hoist and rig/pack the boat on a boat slip with NO external help (additional cost), with the motorized trailer all the boat handling, specially the boat dry storage is even easier.

A simplified, non-motorized version of the trailer is also available.

ECO BOAT — The boat is equipped with the sail drive electric Motor that can operat in the hydro Generator mode.

The boat is equipped with the sail drive electric motor that can operate in the hydro-generator mode.

The boat is fitted with the 6 kW electro-mechanical sail drive propulsion by Oceanvolt with the new generation lithium-ion batteries. Its maximum range on the electric motor with speed of 4.6 knots is 21 NM on flat water and 16 NM on rough water. Its maximum speed when motoring (on flat water) is up to 8 knots. The battery full charging time is 5 hours. Motor has the hydro-generator mode: when the boat moves under sails, it charges the batteries.

SAILING SCHOOL — L30 is a perfect boat for training

L30 is a perfect school boat.
With the inboard engine and twin steering wheels, she is the perfect tool for in harbour boat handling, mooring and anchoring practice. The cruising and the racing sailing mode make her a great sailing school boat for the beginners and for the advanced – racing accademy sailors. The cockpit size allows for individual or complete crew practice at any level. As the boat is fully cruising/racing equiped, all the seamanship skills can be explained, demonstrated and learned.